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You would like to increase the liquidity of your company with factoring? Take advantage of our well-founded expertise in consulting and financing for medium-sized companies. As an owner-managed factoring company you will always be advised by our management. In a personal meeting, we analyse your special financing requirements and offer you corporate financing that is optimally tailored to your company. By selling your receivables, you not only receive immediate liquidity and security against bad debts, but also enjoy our extensive services.

The costs for factoring are in the lower cash discount range and are determined individually for each company and are based on different key figures such as risk assessment, amount of receivables and creditworthiness.

You decide individually whether you want to use our entire range of services or just parts of it. The same applies to the drafting of contracts, which we can of course arrange flexibly according to your wishes.

Full-Service Factoring

Full-service factoring (open factoring, real factoring) is financing with matching sales volumes; here we take over the financing of receivables, the del credere risk and receivables management including credit assessment, dunning and debt collection for you. You reduce your administrative costs and save valuable time, with the free capacities you can fully concentrate on your core business.

Full-service factoring is suitable for companies that want to have their accounts receivable management professionally managed in addition to securing sales growth and growth financing.


With inhouse factoring (open or silent factoring, real factoring) you benefit from financing with matching sales, immediate liquidity and protection against default. We take over the receivables financing and the del credere risk, the receivables management remains in your company in trust.

Inhouse factoring is suitable for companies that already have professional accounts receivable management.

In both factoring solutions we advance 90% of the outstanding amount less factoring costs, the remaining 10% serve as security retention to offset any deficiencies, discounts and other settlement options by debtors. You receive the security retention as soon as the customer has settled the invoice in full.

We regularly check the creditworthiness of your debtors and inform you immediately of any changes in creditworthiness, so that your business relationships with your existing and new customers can be planned and are secure.

Through the ongoing sale of your outstanding receivables, you have financial security and are 100% protected against bad debts with trade credit insurance. 

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